Barnardo’s Children’s Charity
Weekly Lottery

Barnardo’s Weekly Lottery gives players the chance to win big every Friday while supporting children. It costs just £1 to play and you’ll be supporting the UK’s leading children’s charity.

How the Barnardo’s Charity Weekly Lottery Works

    How our Weekly Lottery works
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    Choose how many weekly entries you want

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    Fill in your details to set up your entries by Direct Debit

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    We'll pick your numbers for you and enter them into draws once you’ve made your first payment

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    Prize money goes straight into your account if you win!

Why Join our Weekly Lottery

Play our Weekly Lottery to change children's lives

Our lottery players win thousands of prizes every year, but the biggest winners are the children and families Barnardo’s support. Together, our lottery players raised over £1 million for children in 2023! Funds like these are changing childhoods across the UK and helping give more children a better start in life – like those living in poverty.

It’s estimated that around eight children in every classroom are living in poverty, and the cost-of-living crisis means that things are getting worse. But when you play our lottery, you’re helping to provide support like food, energy vouchers, school uniforms and shoes to keep children well-fed, safe and happy.

Join today and play your part in helping to change childhoods and change lives. There is no better feeling than that.


No rollovers! There are 128 guaranteed prizes ranging from £5 to a whopping £1,000 to be won every Friday.

  • 1st Prize: £1,000
  • 2nd Prize: £100
  • 3rd Prize: £50
  • 4th Prize: 45 x £10
  • 5th Prize: 80 x £5

Are you a winner?

Have you won one of our 128 guaranteed weekly prizes?

Check our winners list to see if you’ve won any of our fantastic cash prizes! Whether you win or not, your support will help change childhoods across the UK. Taking part in our charity lottery is a win-win!

How playing helps children like Sarah

Can you imagine how distressing it was for 10-month-old Sarah and her mum, Amber, when they left an abusive relationship and instantly became homeless?

Amber was left with almost nothing.

That night, Sarah and Amber were placed in temporary accommodation. Amber says, “There was one double bed. I didn’t even want to put my little girl in it. The mattress was filthy and covered in stains. I didn’t know what to do.”

Fortunately, Amber’s health visitor referred her to the Barnardo’s children and family service, and we were able to send one of our project workers, April, to support the family. After ensuring Sarah was safe and healthy, April brought some toys and books. She also provided practical support with things like housing applications, as well as a listening ear so Amber had less to worry about and could spend more time making memories with Sarah.

Amber says, “There is not even a word good enough to describe April and all that Barnardo’s has done for us. April has been like gold dust.”

By playing our Weekly Lottery, you’ll sprinkle some hope in children’s lives.

Believe in the win. Believe in children.

Sarah & Amber

Our Raffle Superdraws

Twice a year we run special Superdraws where one lucky person wins the incredible £15,000 jackpot! All players of the Barnardo’s Weekly Lottery get automatic entry into these Superdraws, and if you opt in to contact we’ll also send you a reminder it’s coming up, so you can purchase extra tickets. Check out the date of our next superdraw.

Raffle Superdraw